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Operators with multiple locations and rentals sometimes need to pool together resources for larger orders or due to customer demand. 

To handle this scenario, BookingCentral offers has an "All Resources" button on the order screen. The "All Resources" button allows you to add any resource to an order, regardless of what location or rental the resource is assigned to.


The "All Resources" button is not enabled by default since it will allow a  user to inadvertently book incorrect resources on an order.

How to enable "All Resources" 

You can add the functionality to one or more existing roles or you can create a new role. 

In most cases, it will be sufficient to use the existing Manager role.


1. Go to Users - Settings - Manage Roles

2. Edit the role, e.g. Managers and check the checkbox for "View/Add all resources".



3. Save the role.

4. Go to Users and for each user that needs to have access to "All Resources", make sure that the user has the Manager role selected.


  • When you use "All Resources" the pricing is still based on the product selected for the order. If pricing needs to be modified, change the price setting to "Manual" and manually enter the price.
  • It is not possible to add "View/Add all resources" to the Administrator role.


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