Fleet Management: Service Interval Tracking

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As part of the fleet management feature, you have the ability to add and track scheduled services.

This article will explain how to Setup up Services, and View Services and Manage Completed Services.

How To Set Up Services

  • Go to Settings - Resources
  • Select Services
  • Select + Add Service
  • Describe the Service
  • Add one or more Tasks for this service
  • Select if this service is tracked in Mileage, Hours, or Time
  • Enter the interval option based on chosen tracking
  • Save your changes
  • Add more services as needed


How to Assign Services to Resources

  • Go to Settings - Resources
  • Select a resource to Edit
  • In the Services section, select the services that apply to this resource
  • Save your changes
  • Use the same steps above to assign services to additional resources



View Upcoming Services

  • Go to the Fleet tab
  • See the Upcoming Services section
  • You can view the Resource, Service, and tracking option for each


  • You can also view services from the Fleet Status section
  • Select Details by the Resource to view
  • This page will show you when a service is due from the In column. Note: if the number shown in the In column is a negative number, this means that the service is overdue!


How to Manage Services

To keep up with the services per resource, you can manage them through Fleet by entering the services once completed. To do this:

  • Go to the Fleet tab
  • Select Details by the Resource form the Fleet Status section
  • In the Service section, select Service Entry
  • Input Date/Time of service
  • Input Mileage/Hours the service was performed
  • Include Notes about the service


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