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The Fleet Management feature allows you to track usage of your resources. This is important aspect of managing your fleet so users can be aware of services due and the health of the resource.

Key items for Usage Tracking:

  • Usage can be recorded manually or during the Check In / Check Out process
  • Usage can be recorded for multiple resources at your convenience, such as start of day or end of day procedures
  • Users that input usage will be recorded on the tracking including user email and date/time entered

How to Track usage during Check In / Check Out:

The easiest was to track fleet usage is during the Check In / Check Out (CICO) process. During check in, the system will show the resource status and allow the user to enter mileage/hours at that time. 

In order to track usage and report issues during CICO, you must first enable this option in the Check In/Out Settings. Go to Settings - Check In/Out to enable.

To track usage during CICO:

  • Go to the Check In tab
  • Select the booking to Check In
  • Enter Usage Hours on the Resource page
  • Continue with the Check In



Note: Usage tracking can happen at Check In and/or Check Out. 

How to Track Usage Manually

If you want to track usage manually, it is recommended to set a daily schedule for usage tracking. This schedule depends on your business, but this could be:

  • Tracking Daily at the end of each day
  • Tracking Weekly every Sunday

*Note: If you offer multi-day rentals, please consider Usage Tracking during Check In / Check Out (described below) as this may affect your schedule for manual tracking if a rental is out on during that time.

To track usage manually:

  • Go to the Fleet tab in your account
  • From the Actions section, select Enter Mileage/Hours
  • Add the mileage or hours for each pertinent resource on this page






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