Fleet Management: Tracking Damage and Issues

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As part of the fleet management feature, you can track damages and issues that happen to your resources. Issues can be reported directly from the Fleet Dashboard, or via Check In / Check Out (if enabled).

This article will explain how to Report Issues, View Issues, and Manage Issues

Report Issues

To report an issue from the Fleet dashboard:

  • Go to the Fleet tab
  • From the Fleet Status section, select Report Issue by the resource
  • Select the type of issue: Damage, Missing Item, Other
  • Enter the Severity of the issue: None, Low, Moderate, High
  • Enter a description of the issue
  • Enter Mileage/Hours of the resource as the time of the issue (optional)
  • Select OK when finished.



To report an issue from the Check In / Check Out:

  • Go to the Check In tab
  • Select the booking to Check In
  • On the Resource page, select Report Issue
  • Enter the details of the issues in the Report Issue window



View and Manage Issues

To view issues reported on resources:

  • Go to the Fleet tab
  • Select Issues from the Actions section


On this page, you can do the following:

  • View list of issues
  • Search for issues by Resource or Description
  • Report Issues: select + Report Issue
  • Delete Issues: select the trash can icon from Actions.
  • Close Issues: select the edit icon from the Actions column by the issue. Select Close Issue.


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