Fleet Management for Rentals

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BookingCentral's Fleet Management feature allows you to manage your rentals to include:

Keeping track of these important items enables you to further manage your resources within the booking platform. The Fleet Dashboard in your system will include:

  • Ability to see the 'health' of each resource at a glance
  • Ability to see upcoming services needed for each resource


Setup Fleet Management

Fleet Management is automatically added to BookingCentral Enterprises account.

To activate the feature:

  • Go to Settings - Resources
  • Select the Resource
  • In the Fleet Management section, select "Show in Fleet Manager"
  • Choose the Tracking option for the resource (mileage or hours)
  • Select the Odometer type (miles or kilometers)
  • Follow the steps above with other resources that you want included in Fleet Management.


Use the links above to view articles about how to manage Usage, Damages, Service Tracking.


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