How do I Add or Edit a tax rate for my Rentals?

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You can add a tax rate that will apply to your rentals or retail items.

To add a tax rate, go to the Settings tab.

  • Select Rentals
  • Select a rental to Edit
  • Select the Price List tab




Add a Tax Rate

Add your Tax Rate on this page in the Tax section by select the Add Tax button


In the Add Tax button, include a Name and the tax rate (as a percentage).  Select OK when done.


The new tax rate will now be assigned to your rental or activity.  Save the Price List page when complete.


Edit a Tax Rate

To edit a tax rate on an item, on the Price List page in the Tax section, use the X in the field to remove the current tax rate.  Select Add Tax to assign or create a new tax rate.  Save your changes.

Taxes are setup per item.  Go to the Price List page for each item to assign a tax rate to all your rentals or activities.


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