How do I release a damage authorization?

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Using the Damage Deposit feature, you are able to release a damage authorization if the rental is returned with no damage.

By default, damage deposits are automatically released when they expire by the credit card processor. For Stripe this is 7 days for manually entered credit card information and 2 days for EMV / Card Reader authorizations.

The default can be modified under Settings - Payments.


The 'hold until' options are:

  • Hold until release by processor (7 days)
  • Hold until 3 hours after end of activity
  • Hold until 24 hours after end of activity
  • Hold until midnight on last day of activity
  • Hold until midnight the day after the last day of activity

The system will follow this rule unless you manually release the authorization from the booking.

If you want to manually release an authorization, then follow the steps below.

  1. Find and Open the Booking
  2. In the Damage Deposit section, select Manage/Charge (or Release All)
  3. Review the information on file, and select the Release button
  4. Confirm the release by selecting OK



Once release the window will indicate that the authorization was cancelled.




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