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Boat Rental Operators often have questions about insurance and what is needed when it comes to rental insurance for their customers, otherwise known as renter insurance

In BookingCentral, we work with insurance carriers that allow you to offer renter insurance to your customers. Learn more about this feature below.

What is it?

  • The insurance is offered through external insurance carriers
  • The insurance carriers that we work with currently only offers this type of insurance for boat rental operators.
  • It is a requirement in the state of Florida to offer renter's insurance to your customers per the Florida Boating Safety Act (SB 606).

How it works

The customer will have the option to choose renter's insurance when booking a boat rental through the booking platform.

How to get started

Contact the insurance provider that offers this type of insurance. In the United States, there are currently two providers that can help you: Buoy & vQuip. BookingCentral is integrated to both providers, so you can choose which one you want to use.

    • The Buoy integration is completely integrated into BookingCentral platform, and the insurance purchase and status can be view from the Order Screen.
    • The vQuip integration is external and users will see insurance status and purchase through a different platform.

Once you select the insurance provider, they will work directly with BookingCentral to complete the integration.

If you add or remove boats (resources) that should be insured, these changes must be communicated to both the insurance providers and BookingCentral.

  • Learn about the Buoy integration here.
  • Learn about the vQuip integration here.


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