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If you are using vQuip for renter's insurance, then you can integrate your account to BookingCentral. This allows you to connect your inventory from vQuip to BookingCentral. Learn how to make the integration below:

You must be on BookingCentral's Enterprise Account to use this integration. Please contact BookingCentral support to get upgraded.

Connect your vQuip account:

  • In BookingCentral, go to Settings - Insurance
  • Select vQuip from the Insurance Provider section
  • In the Connect to vQuip window, enter the following details from your vQuip account:
    • Token URL
    • Client ID
    • Client Secret
  • Select OK

VQuip Integration.png

To access the integration information, please contact your rep at vQuip for assistance.

Map your Resources to vQuip

The next step to complete the integration is to map your resources in BookingCentral to vQuip. To do this:

  • Select the Setup Product/Resource Mapping button from the Insurance settings.
  • In the vQuip product mapping window, place a check by the Resources you want to map.
  • Select the Search icon by the resource
  • Select the Resource name as shown in vQuip from the Lookup window
  • Select OK to complete the mapping of that resource
  • Repeat the steps to map additional resources
  • Select OK, then Save the page to complete the integration

vQuip Product Mapping.png

You have successfully integrated your vQuip account to BookingCentral.

Important! BookingCentral does not manage insurance offerings through vQuip. Any questions about insurance or check in through vQuip must be directed to the vQuip support team.

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