Smartwaiver Integration

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The system allows you to integrate online waivers from Smartwaiver to the system. You are able to add multiple waivers to the system if you have different waivers per rental or activity type.

This article will explain:

  • How to integrate Smartwaiver to your BookingCentral account
  • Customize the text on emails and texts with instructions for signing the waiver
  • Assigning waiver to your rentals or tours
  • Enabling the Waiver button in confirmation and reminder emails

Integrating Smartwaiver

Note: if you do not currently have a Smartwaiver account, you can set one up by clicking here.

Navigate to Settings - Configuration - Waivers in your account.

Click + Add Waiver, then select Import from Smartwaiver


Add the Smartwaiver API Key (accessed from the settings in your Smartwaiver account) and Waiver name (created in Smartwaiver). Select OK to complete integration.


To integrate additional waivers, follow the same steps above.

See it in action:

Customize the Text

Once you set up the integration, you can Edit the waiver information to include specific instructions on the emails and text messages that you send to your customers.

To Edit the text, go to Settings - Configuration - Waivers. In the Actions, select Edit.

Here you can:

  • Customize the text on the Button included in the emails
  • Include instructions for signing the waiver
  • Include text instructions for signing the waiver


Assign the Waiver to your Rentals or Tours

To assign the waiver(s) to your rental, go to Settings - Rentals or Tickets - select the product or Edit.  Click on the Waivers tab. Select the waiver from the list.


Note: If you have multiple waivers that your customers must sign, you can check all the waivers that apply to each rental from this screen.

Enable the Waivers on Emails

Customers will be able to access the digital waivers via the Confirmation and/or Reminder email.  

To enable the waiver option to show on your emails, go to Settings - Emails.

Select the Booking Confirmation.


In the Email setup, check the box, "Include Waivers", and include a Header for the waiver section on the email. Save your updates.


The Booking Confirmation will include a button on the email that will instruct the customer to sign the waivers.




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