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Through the integration the and BookingCentral, you can offer renter's insurance to your customers during the booking process. Insurance can be offered:

This article will show you the steps for Pre-Check In.

Important! Currently the renter's insurance option is only available to businesses that offer motorized boat rentals. Before you can offer Renter's Insurance to your customers, you must first complete the integration with See the article here with information on how to complete the integration.

Renter's Insurance during Pre-Check In

After the customer makes the booking, they will receive a link from the confirmation email to complete Pre-Check In. Included on the Pre-Check In page is the information on Insurance. The customer will select the Insurance button to begin the process.


Insurance at Pre-Check In.png

The customer will be directed to the Underwriting Questions and will answer each question presented about their history and boating experience.

Underwriting Questions for Insurance.png

Based on their responses, they will be offered the insurance coverage information including the cost. Customers can click on the general policy link for more details about the coverage, and then select to either continue or decline the insurance.

Insurance Coverage Options.png


Insurance Selected

If the customer selects the insurance. They will be taken to a page to enter their credit card information. The card will not be charged at this time, but held until their check in day.  

Credit Card save at Pre-Check In.png

The insurance selected will be noted on the Pre-Check In page. Customers are still able to change their selections if they visit the Pre-Check In link anytime prior to their start date. 

Insurance Selected.png

Important! Customers do not pay for the insurance coverage at this time, the payment for the insurance happens at Check In when they arrive to pick up their boat rental. At that time, you will confirm the boat they are taking out and take payment for the renter's insurance.

Insurance Declined

If the customer selects that they do not want the insurance, they will see the decline statement, and must select OK to complete the selection. Customers that decline the insurance will have the option to change their selections if they visit the Pre-Check In link anytime prior to their start date.


Decline Insurance.png


Insurance Declined.png

Viewing Insurance Selections on Orders

You are able to view the customer's insurance selection on the Order in the system. When the order is opened, you will see the Insurance button from the Functions section. Select Insurance to see the selection. This will help you prepare for the customer's check in on the day of arrival and confirm that they do want the renter's insurance.

Functions - Insurance.png

Insuarace Accepted on Order.png

See it in action!

You must be on BookingCentral's Enterprise Account to use this integration. Please contact BookingCentral support to get upgraded.

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