Connecting Square Terminal Card Reader

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BookingCentral works with the Square Terminal Card Reader that allows you to take payments for your bookings. In order to connect the booking system will this card reader, you need to be first connected to Square payments in the system.

When enabling your Square Terminal Card Reader, you will need to have the Card Reader in your possession and have access to your BookingCentral account.


Connecting the Reader

To connect you Square Terminal Card Reader to BookingCentral, follow the steps below:

First, In BookingCentral:

  • Go to Settings - Payments
  • Ensure that you are first connected to Square payments
  • Go to the Card Reader tab
  • Select Enable Card Readers
  • Choose the button, Setup Card Readers


  • In the Card Readers window, select Add Card Reader
  • Select Location (Note: Locations are setup in your Square Terminal account)
  • Give your Card Reader a Name: it can be your business name if you have just one location
  • You will get a code that must be added to your Square Terminal Card Reader.

Next, on your Square Card Reader:

  • Select the "Sign In" button
  • Select Use a device code link
  • Enter the code on the Sign in with Device Code screen
  • Select Sign In in the upper right of the card reader, and the terminal will be connected

Finally, in your BookingCentral account

  • Select OK on the code screen
  • You will then see the new device paired on the Card Readers window in BookingCentral.
  • Select OK and Save the page.

Setting Options:

  • You can select to show receipt screen on the card reader by selecting the Receipt box in BookingCentral.
  • You can also choose to get the customer's signature when using the card reader by selecting the Signature box in BookingCentral.

You have successfully connected Square Terminal Card Reader to BookingCentral.



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