Managing User Roles

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Administrators in the system can create specific User Roles based on the different types of users that have access to the system.

The default roles include:

Role Description Allow Modifications
Administrators This user type has access to all parts of the platform, and can manage other roles. No
Managers This user type has access to all parts of the platform except: Guide Assignments & Settings Yes
Users This is the default role that is assigned to all new users in the system. By default, a user has the same privileges as the Manager. Yes
Guides For tours and activities, you can assign Users as Guides, too. Guides can be assigned to tours and activities. Yes


Administrators can modify Roles in the system by going to Settings - Administration - Users


Select Manage Roles to view the default Roles.


On this page, you can Edit default users (except Administrators) or create your own roles. When editing or add a role, you can check or uncheck role privileges.







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