Customizing Dashboard Settings

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The Dashboard is your first view for the user when logged into the system.  Items that show on the Dashboard include:

  • Activities: Shows activities and rentals that are happening Today and Tomorrow.
  • Guide Assignments: for Tours and Activities that use Guides, this will show which guides are assigned to upcoming tours.
  • Notifications: all activity in the system including when a new booking was received, changed, or text communication
  • New Bookings: a list of all new bookings made in the system
  • Pending Bookings: a list of pending bookings that have been made in the system
  • Shortcuts: option to include easy links to different parts of the system

As a User in the system, you can customize which details you want to show on the Dashboard and in what order.

To customize, select the gear icon Dashboard_-_Gear_Icon_.png in the upper right of the Dashboard.  

From the Dashboard Settings window:

  • Select the items you want to show by enabling or disabling next to the item
  • Select the desired order using the Row and Column options
  • Select if the item is Visible to All Users or Administrators (can only be set by an admin in the system)


Once set, choose OK to save your changes.

The Dashboard will now display based on theses settings for every log in.  Use the gear option again to make any changes.



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