Using My Profile to customize user preferences

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As a User in the system, you have the ability to customize your experience in the system using My Profile.  

To access My Profile, while logged into the account, go to the Profile icon Screen_Shot_2021-07-15_at_5.54.59_PM.png in the upper right.

Select My Profile.

The My Profile option allows you to:

  • Update your contact information
  • Change your password
  • Set your default Calendar view
  • Set your default location (multi-location accounts only)
  • Set your viewing preferences for Reports and how to view Bookings in the system

In the Defaults section, you will want to select the Calendar View that best fits your business type:


For Tours & Activities select the regular view, and choose between Day, Week, or Month views.



For Rentals, choose the Resources view, and choose between Day, Week, or Month views.



In the Grids section, you can choose how you want to view information on bookings from the Booking tab and the screen view on Reports.  Options include:

  • Rows with stripes/shaded 
  • Columns with border
  • Alignment of data


The settings above from My Profile, will show the Bookings tab like the example below:





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