Setting up Delivery Locations

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If you offer delivery of your rentals, then you are able to manage the delivery locations, fees and booking minimums in the system.

A Delivery Location is a separate physical location that a rental can be delivered to. The Delivery Location in the system can have its online checkout option that business can add to their site.

Delivery Locations is enabled in Enterprise account by request only. If you are interested in this feature, please reach out to our team.

There are a 3 steps to creating a delivery location in the system:

  1. Defining Delivery Locations
  2. Setting up Delivery Rules
  3. Assigning Delivery Locations to Rentals

Defining Delivery Locations

To setup a new location in the system, go to Settings - Locations. Select + Add Location

Add the Location information:

  • Type: Delivery
  • Rental Office: Select the main location (all delivery locations must be assigned to the main rental location)
  • Enter Address and Contact information for the location. Save.
  • As an option, select the Map & Directions tab to add directions and a link to a map


Create additional delivery locations as needed.

Setting up Delivery Rules

Once you create your delivery locations, the next step is to set up delivery rules for the location(s).  To set up, go to Settings - Delivery.

Delivery Rules include:

Delivery Groups - Create a Deliver Group to identify different types of rentals (i.e. Large Boats, Small Boats) that may have different rules such as fees and minimum duration.

  • Select Edit Delivery Groups
  • In the window, select + Add Delivery Group
  • Add the Delivery Group Name and Description (optional). Select OK.
  • Add additional delivery groups as needed


Delivery Fees & Minimum Duration - for each delivery location and group, you can:

  • Assign the delivery fee
  • Delivery fees can be set to be charged per unit or per booking
  • Include a minimum duration. 

Fees and minimums can vary per location and groups.

Important! Delivery Fees are setup by Season, so if you have different seasons, then you'll need to select each season and add the fees.


Now that fees have been set, when a customer books a rental from a delivery location, the delivery fees, and minimums will be automatically added to the reservation.

Assigning Delivery Locations to your Rentals

In order for the system to know which rental is available at a delivery location, you must assign the location and delivery group to the rental.

  • Go to Settings - Rentals - select a rental
  • On the Overview page, select the location(s) where this rental is available. Save.
  • On the Price List page, in the Delivery Fee section, choose the correct delivery group that applies to the rental

Example of Overview page:



Example of Price List page:



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