How do I charge for damages?

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Using the Damage Deposit feature, you are able to charge from the authorization if the rental is returned damaged.

Steps to charge for damages is as follows:

  1. Set up Damage Fee to Retail Items
  2. Add Damage Fee to an existing booking
  3. Use the Charge option on the Damage Authorization

Setting up Damage Fee

The first step to charging for damages is to set up the Damage Fee in the system.

To do this, go to Settings - Retail.

Retails Items are any additional items that users or admins can add to the booking.  Damage Fees is just one example.  Other items would be Fuel Charges or any retail item that you would want to sell/add to an existing booking.

Select + Add Retail Item.

Setup Options Include:

  • Name: This name will show when adding the Retail item to a booking, and in the Order Summary.  
  • Price: Enter a price for damages.  This can be adjusted per booking using the Flex options.
  • Tax: Add tax rate if damages are taxed
  • Flex Item: Check this box if the price can be modified
  • Select Allow modifications for Description and Price
  • Quantity: For damages, this will typically always be one, so Hide quantity field can be checked

Once complete, Save.


Add a Damage Fee

The second step is to add the damage fee to the existing booking.  To do this, open the booking that you need to charge the damage fee.  Use the Bookings tab to search for the booking, or find the booking on the Dashboard.

Select Add Retail to add the Damage Fee.

Enter a description/notes in the Variant field (optional)

The Price will default to the price set in the Retails settings, but it can be changed here based on the actual damage charge.


The added fee will show in the Order Summary, and update the balance due.



Charge the Fee

The third step is the charge the damage fee using the Damage Deposit authorization that was added when the rental was picked up.

While still in the booking, in the Damage Deposit section of the booking, select Manage/Charge (see example in screenshot above).

The customer's information and credit card is on file.  Select the Charge button.


Add the damages amount.  Note: the amount cannot exceed the authorization amount. Hit OK to process the charge.


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