Setting up Additional Fees for your Rentals

You are able to add additional fees to your setup that will get charged each time a customer books, both online and back office.  Additional fee are in addition to the rental price, and will show as a separate line item in the Booking (Order) Summary.

Examples of Additional Fees include:

  • Dock Fees
  • Cleaning Fees
  • Administrative Fees

Note: Additional fees are not optional, and are charged for every booking.  Optional Fees and Add-ons should be set up using Custom Fields.

To add an additional fee to a rental or activity:

  • Go to Settings - Rentals - select the rental from the list (or Add Rental if you have not set up the rental yet)
  • Go to the Price List tab
  • In the Fees section, select Add Fee
  • In the Add Fee window, select New Fee
  • Enter the details about the Fee, e.g. Dock Fee
  • Select the amount, either a percentage or a fixed amount
  • Hit OK to close the Add Fee window
  • Save the Price List tab


The new fee has been added, and now when a customer books online through the booking calendar OR if a user books through the back office, the fee will automatically add to the booking total.


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