Enabling Document Upload

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The platform allows you to enable the ability to upload documents to a booking. This is important for rental businesses that are required to have documents on file for each rental customer that is utilizing their equipment. Examples of documents include:

  • Driver's License(s)
  • Boating/Fishing License(s)
  • Insurance Documents
  • Membership Forms

Create your Document Types

Documents are Custom Fields in the system. To set up the documents that you want uploaded, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings - Custom Fields
  • Select + Add Custom Fields
  • Fill in the settings:
    • Field Type: Document Upload
    • Category: choose a document category that describes the type of document
    • Name: This is the name that customers will see to know why type of document
    • Options: select if the field is required and shows in booking widget (default)
    • Edit the instructions and add help text (optional)
  • Save the settings



Assign the Documents to your Rentals

In order for the rental to include the document upload options, you need to assign the Document Upload Custom Field to the rentals that require the documents on file. Some of your rentals may not need to have documents on file, so you only assign these fields to the rentals that require the documents. 

  • Go to Settings - Rentals
  • Select the Rental
  • Select the Customize tab
  • From Available Fields, use the + to move the Document custom field to the Select Fields column
  • Save the settings



You have now enabled document upload for the rental or activity. You can follow the same step above to assign the document upload to other rentals or activities that you have set up in the system. Your customer and users can now upload documents to an order.

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