Creating Half Day & Full Day Pricing for Rentals

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Setting up variable pricing rules, such as Half Day and Full Day rates is common for boat and watersport rentals.  The system allows you a lot of options for creating a Price List, per rental, that works this scenario and many others.

This article will explain how to set up a Half Day (e.g. 4 hours) and Full Day (e.g. 8 hours) price for the same rental.

To create your Price List, go to Settings - Rentals. Select the rental from the list, or select + Add Rental to create a new one.

Select the Price List tab from the setup screens of the rental.


For Half Day and Full Day pricing, you'll create 2 Price Lengths.  To get started, select + Add Price. The Edit Rental Price window will allow you to enter your first length with options.  Follow steps below:

  • Enter Duration: For a 4 Hour (Half Day) rental, the duration will be 4 to 4 Hours.
  • Enter Price is (calculation): If your price is a flat rate per 4 hours, then Price Is should be set at Per 4 Hours
    • Variation: if you price is hourly rate x 4 hours, then Price is should be set at Per Hour.
  • Add Label (optional): Enter a label (text) that will show to the customers the length.  e.g.  Half Day
  • Add Price
  • Add Start Times.  Options include:
    • Every Hour, Every 30 minutes, Every 15 minutes - these internals will start and end base on your Hours as set under Settings - Hours
    • Automatic - this will be based on your Hours as set under Settings - Hours.  For example, if you are open from 9am - 6pm, then a Half Day will include Start Times at 9am & 1pm
    • Other - add your own specific start times for a half day rental.  An example would be 9:30am & 2:00pm.  This would allow you to have 2 half day rentals per day with a 30 minute buffer in between.
  • Online Checkout: Select Show in checkout widget if you want to allow this price length to be bookable through your Web Sales.  Uncheck if you only want this price length to be booked through the back office order screen.
  • Once complete, hit OK to save the price length


To create a Full Day price, follow the same steps above.  Tip: A Full Day is typically an 8 Hour duration, price Per 8 Hours. 

Tip! See video on how to properly add specific Start Times:

After adding both price lengths, your Price List setup will look similar to this:


Check out how this setup looks when a customer books online:


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