Setting up Holidays

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Holidays can be set up in the system to allow you define different rules for these days.  Holiday settings will give you the option to:

  • Charge a different price for a holiday date(s)
  • Set different opening and closing hours for holiday date(s)

To define your holidays, go to Settings - Holidays.

Select + Add Holiday to get started:

  • Name your Holiday (e.g. Memorial Day 2022)
  • Enter the Start Date and End Date 

Opening Hours

If your holiday follows different opening and closing hours as your regular days, then you can define them on this page.  

  • Check the box, "This holiday has different opening hours".
  • Enter the opening and closing hours per each holiday day as defined in the Start and End Dates.


Save your changes when complete.  Continue to add additional holidays dates using the same steps above.  

You can edit or remove holidays as needed from this section, too.

Holidays are for specific dates, so you should create new holiday dates for each year.


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