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The system keeps tracks of all customer information from a booking. You can see a list of your customers through the system by enabling the Customers tab.

Enabling the Customer List

  • Go to Settings tab
  • Select Orders
  • Select the Customer Fields tab
  • Check the box, "Show Customers in the main menu"
  • Save the page

Show Cusotmers in menu.png


This will create a new tab for Customers. Select to view.

What actions can you take using the Customers tab?

From the customer list, you can:

  • Search for a customer using name, email or phone
  • Add new customers
  • Select a customer record to view orders and customer details.

Customer List.png

When you select a customer record, you'll be able to

  • Add notes and edit contact information as needed
  • Select the Order History tab to see all the bookings (past and future) for this customer
  • Select New Order at the bottom of the page to create a new booking for the customer

Customer Overview:

Customer List - Overview.png

Customer Order History:

Customer List - Order History.png


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