How do I manage delivery of my rentals?

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If you deliver your rental equipment to different locations then the system is able to handle managing the delivery information. Depending on how you run the deliveries, you can choose one of two methods. We'll describe each one below.

Delivery Locations using Custom Fields

Using the Custom Fields feature is a good option if your deliveries:

  • are delivered to a different location (i.e. rental property address) for each booking
  • you don't need a separate booking page for a delivery location

To set up, go to Settings - Custom Fields. Create a text custom field type.


The online checkout page will ask customers to enter their delivery address from the Options page.


Learn more about creating text custom fields here.

Delivery Locations using Delivery Feature

Using Delivery Settings is a good option if your deliveries:

  • are always delivered to certain locations (i.e. Dock A or Blue Lake)
  • you charge a set delivery fee for each location
  • you want a specific booking page for your delivery locations

To set up Delivery Locations:

  • Go to Settings - Delivery.
  • Create your Delivery Groups
  • Assign Delivery Fees and Minimums
  • Assign your Rentals to a Delivery Location and Fee group


Access the Checkout Link for your Delivery Locations from the Web Sales Settings, and use this link to add to your website for this delivery location.

Customers can use it to book this delivery lake, and the system will automatically apply the delivery fees and minimums.




Learn more about setting up and using Delivery Fees here.


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