Setting up Multiple Locations

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If you run your business at different locations, then the system allows you to setup and manage bookings across multiple locations.

Using Locations in the system can allow you to:


When you setup Locations, you will also be able to filter most screens in the platform by Locations including:


The default Location will be pre-set with your Account information that was used when the account was initially created.

To add additional locations, go to Settings - My Business - Locations.

Select + Add Location to create a new location.

Enter the Location information:

  • Type: Office or Delivery
  • Location Name
  • Location Address, Phone, Email
  • Location Website (can be the same as the default/account location)


Location contact information included here will be included on all email notifications that the customer receives. It is important to add email and phone number so a customer can reach out to you directly with questions.

Additional Location setup options:

  • Map & Directions - if there is specific directions and a map to this location. This information will be included in the Email templates is Directions is enabled.


  • Image - add an image that will display if using a custom widget that will direct the customer to select a location during checkout.


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