Creating and Sending a Booking Quote

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BookingCentral has the option to create a Booking Quote for a customer. This will allow you to send pricing information to a potential customer, and give them the option to accept the quote and make the booking. 

Booking Quotes are typically used for higher priced equipment such as boats, RVs, and cars, however, the system gives you the option to create and send quotes for any of your offerings.

This article will discuss:

  • How to create a quote in the system
  • How a customer can confirm a quote
  • How a business can confirm or cancel a quote

Attributes of a Quote in BookingCentral include:

  • Quotes can only be made through the admin side of the system by a user
  • Quotes have an expiration date/time that can be customized.  The default is 24 hours. After that time, the quote will expire and not be an option to confirm by the customer.
  • Customers will receive a Quote email with the Order Summary and a button to review, confirm and pay for the rental/activity.
  • The quote link can be accessed on the order if the business needs to send a link to a customer.
  • The Quote email can be customized.
  • Quotes can be cancelled or confirmed on the booking through the Actions button on the booking.

Creating a Booking Quote

To create a Quote for a customer:

  • Select the + icon in the upper right
  • Select New Quote


  • Set the Quote Expiration Date/Time (if desired)

To set your own quote expiration (default is 24 hours), select the Date/Time in the Quote Expires box on the Quote screen.


  • Add the Rental or Tour/Activity to the Quote
  • Enter Customer contact information
  • Save the Quote

This will send an email to the customer with details about the quote and a link to confirm the quote.

Example of the Quote email that a customer will receive:




Confirming a Quote

There are two ways to confirm a booking quote:

  • Customer can confirm and book the quote online
  • Business can confirm the quote through the system

Customer option:

When a customer clicks the button to confirm the Quote, they will be taken to a page online where they can book and pay for the rental or activity.


Business Option:

An admin or user in the system can open the Quote and will have the option to Confirm or Cancel the Quote. Doing so will change the status of the booking from Quote to Confirmed or Cancelled. It will also generate a new email to the customer with the status. 





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