How can my customers book more than one item in the same booking?

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BookingCentral allows your customers to add more than one product/rental/activity to their booking.  In order to allow this for online booking, the product list options needs to be enabled in the account.

To enable, go to Settings - Web Sales.

Select the Advanced Settings tab.

In the Product List section, enable the option, "Show List button in top menu".  This will create a link on the booking page so a customer can select to get to your other offerings.

You can also customize the text:

  • Menu Label.  Include text that you want to show in the top menu
  • Button Text. Include what you want to show on the Book button for each item


For the customer to add another rental/activity to their booking:

  • Use the Book button to book their first time
  • Select Add to Cart
  • The booking page will show the details of the first item booked
  • The customer can select the link at the top of the page to get to your Product List
  • Use the Book button to select the second item
  • The Booking Details page will show both items booked and total the price.





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