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BookingCentral's automated Review Text feature enables you to get reviews and feedback from your customers quickly and easily. 


This article will show you:

  • How Review Texts Work
  • What your customers sees
  • How you can separate good and bad reviews

Why Texts?

Online reviews are crucial for rental, tour and activity merchants. Many customers, perhaps even the majority, will look at your business reviews before making a purchase decision. If you don't have good reviews, the potential customer may choose to take their business elsewhere.

You probably already have review links posted on your website and in your Thank You email, but your customers may not see that email until weeks after the activity.

This is where the automated Review Text shines. The Review Text is sent automatically 1 hour after the end of activity and the customer will still be in the "experience" mindset and may be more likely to provide a review and/or feedback.

You can change the time the review text sends by going to Settings - SMS - Send After.

Rating Screen

Not all customers have great experiences all the time. Sometimes it's the weather. Sometimes it's the service. Sometimes it's a misunderstanding.

BookingCentral's Rating Screen enables you to separate good feedback and bad feedback.  You can direct the customer to your review site (such as Google or Yelp) or to a feedback form that is only seen within the system.

The Rating Screen effectively allows you to build up better online reviews compared to sending customers straight to the review site while also giving you a powerful tool to monitor and address bad experiences.

Rating_Diagram-2.jpegThe review flow can easily be configured to suit your needs. The most common flows are:

  • Review Text -> Rating Screen
      • Good Rating -> Review Site
      • Bad Rating -> Feedback Form
  • Review Text -> Review Site
      • Bypass the Rating Screen and go directly to the Review Site
  • Review Text -> Rating Screen
      • Rating Screen -> Feedback form
      • If you don't utilize review sites, you can collect feedback for internal use.

Customization Options

In addition to customizing the overall Review Flow settings, you can customize the text that is shown on the review page as well as the icons used for feedback. This is what the default Good/Bad setting looks like.




The Review Text system can show different responses for positive ratings and negative ratings. You can customize these text settings as well (or go straight to the review site).


Positive Rating (3-5 stars or happy face) 



Negative Rating (1-2 stars or sad face)



Customer Feedback sent using this method is only seen through the system, and not public on any review site.

Viewing Review / Rating Activity

To see a report of your ratings, comments, and review link clicks, go to the Reports, and choose the Review/Ratings report.  You can search by a date range to see review activity.  The report will show users:

  • Customer Name / Order Code
  • Date / Time the customer opened the review text
  • Rating
  • If the review link option was chosen, then it will show link and if the customer clicked the link
  • If the comments were chosen, then users can see the comment on the report
  • IP address of the customer's location
  • View - click the View button to see more details and complete comments.




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