Configuring Checkin / Checkout Settings

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The system offers a robust check in/check out feature that allows users to check in rentals on the day they arrive to pick up with rental.

This feature is available for Enterprise level accounts only.

When enabled, you will use the Check-in tab in the system to check in and out your bookings for the day.  

You can customize the options for Check-in and Check out in the Settings.  To get started, go to Settings -> Configuration -> Check In/Out.  


Select to enable checkin/checkout for your account

If you offer multi-locations, then you can customize options for check in based on Location.


Checkin / Checkout Settings

Set your Custom Features for Checkin and Checkout, options include:

  • Waivers: You will be able to see if a renter has signed their waivers, and have the option to send the waiver to the customer at checkin (Checkin only)
  • Additional Charges : Will allow you to add additional charges at checkin
  • Gratuity: will allow you to add gratuity (or give the customer the option to add it themselves)
  • Signature: will allow a customer to sign their name at checkin to agree to the terms and conditions of the rental (Checkin only)
  • Payments: will allow the user to add another payment type or charge the card on file for any additional charges and gratuity

Select if you want the ability to change Resources at checkin.  If the assigned rental equipment is different at check in, then this option will allow the user to change the inventory on the booking.  (Checkin only)

Add additional Checklist Items to be used during Checkin.  This could include items such as

  • Equipment Check
  • Number of persons on rental
  • Additional text notes


Gratuity Settings

If you've enabled the gratuity feature for check in or check out, then you can set the tip options in this section.  If enabled, the common practice is to allow the customer to add their own tip options, and can do so right on the screen.  The user can hand the device (typically a tablet or phone) to the customer to complete this section of the Check out.  

Setting Options include

  • Header and Message - add a custom header and message that will show when the user or customer gets to the Gratuity page of the check out process.
  • Buttons - include the tip options using the buttons.  You can set percentages or fixed amounts, or give the option for a customer to add a Custom tip amount of their choosing.  Buttons can be labeled to describe the tip, too.


Signature Settings

If the signature feature was enabled, then you can add a custom header and message that the customer will see when signing at checkin.


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