How do I make a booking for a customer?

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For customers that walk in or call/email and want to book, users can easily add bookings through the system.  

In the upper right tool bar, use the + to start a New Order.



This will open a blank booking form, called Order Details, that will allow you to enter the booking details.

For Rentals, select Add Rental.  

In the Rental Quickfind box:

  • Choose the Date,
  • Product or Category (from the Show menu),
  • Select the Rental
  • Choose the Duration
  • Choose the Time option
  • Select OK to continue


The Quickfind selection will populate the form with the details.  Next you can:

  • Add the Quantity
  • Fill out any add-on or custom fields options
  • Add more Rental options by selecting the Add Rental link if needed

For a Tour/Activity, select Add Tour/Activity link.

Select Activity from the list.

In the Date/Time box, select the date from the calendar, and the time slot.  


Continue adding:

  • Number of Persons
  • Ticket Type (if applicable)
  • Fill out any add-on or custom field options



In the Customer section, enter the customer details including:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone

Note: you can choose to turn off the auto-email notifications here by selecting the options link next to Send all emails.


Add Office Notes if needed.  These notes will not be shown to the customer.  

Review the Agreements with the customer verbally if they are in the shop with you, and check any that are listed as Required.


In the Payment section, add the payment method.  


Confirm in the Order Summary that the details are correctly including rental, dates, and price.  


Once confirmed, select Save the complete the booking.  A message box will show that the booking has been completed, and the email has been sent to the customer. 



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