Template Keyword for use in Emails

You can use the following keywords in your email template for further customize the information from the booking that shows on the emails:

The syntax for using the keywords in emails is ${variable name}.  We'll show examples below.

Customer First Name: ${customer.firstname}
Customer Last Name: ${customer.lastname}
Customer Email: ${customer.email}
Customer Phone: ${customer.phone}

Booking Code: ${order.ordercode}
Booking Status: ${order.orderstatus}
Booking Date & Time: ${order.orderdatetime}
Booking Payment: ${order.balancestatus}

Booking Subtotal: ${order.subtotalamount}
Booking Taxes: ${order.taxesamount}
Booking Fees: ${order.feesamount}
Booking Taxes and Fees: ${order.taxesandfeesamount}
Booking Total: ${order.totalamount}
Booking Deposit: ${order.depositamount}
Amount Paid: ${order.paidamount}
Balance Due: ${order.balanceamount}

Location (Business Information)
Location Name: ${location.name}
Location Address 1: ${location.address1}
Location Address 2: ${location.address2}
Location City: ${location.city}
Location State: ${location.statecode}
Location Country Code: ${location.countrycode}
Location Country: ${location.country}
Location Zip/Postal Code: ${locatoin.zip}
Location Phone: ${location.phone1}
Location Email: ${location.email}
Location Website: ${location.website}
Location Full Address: ${location.address}

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