Creating Terms & Agreements

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You can create custom Terms & Agreements in the system to provide your customers with important information about booking with you.  These can be any booking rules, cancellation policy, or important information in regards to booking your rentals, tour or activities.  Customers will see each agreement during checkout, and if required, must agree to it before completing the booking.

You can set up your Terms & Agreements by going to Settings - Configuration - Terms & Agreements.

By default, your account will be set up with 2 pre-created options: Newsletter and deals and Terms & Conditions.  Click Edit to add/edit the text.


Newsletters and deals
This is an option that will show to the customer during checkout, and if checked, they are giving you permission to send them a newsletter or other emails.  Can be used as a marketing tool.

Terms & Conditions
This is usually reserved for a more complete listing of your rules, terms, and policies.  You can include as much information in this section as you like, and during checkout, your customers must select that that agree to the terms and will be able to click a link to see the information.



In addition, you can create specific agreements that you want your customers to see and agree to when booking.  These could be details pulled from the longer Terms & Conditions or other important information.  Some examples include:

  • Age Requirement
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Damage Deposit



Customer Checkout
When a customer books using the online checkout, they will see the list of terms and agreements before they complete the booking.


Agreement Assurance
You can confirm that all agreements have been agreed to through the system when you open the booking to view.  The system will record the date/time the agreement was accepted.



Cool Feature! When setting up your terms and agreements, you can decide if it applies to all your offerings, or select one from your list.  This allows you to great more specific agreements per rental or activity.


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