How to Customize the Fields on the Orders Report and Bookings Tab

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The Order Report is the most robust report that includes all the details of each booking you have in the system. As a user, you can customize the columns that you want in the report for viewing or downloading.

This is helpful for easy viewing on important details of bookings including custom fields such as:

  • Delivery Location / Address
  • Selected Add-ons
  • Text Questions/Answers

The Bookings Tab in the system will show you all future bookings. The customization options will work for this page, too!

To customize this report:

  • Go to Settings - Reports
  • Select the gear icon Dashboard - Gear Icon .png
  • In the Select Fields window, select the fields for the report. Move from the Available Fields to the Selected Fields column.
  • Reorder the fields as needed using drag and drop with the computer mouse.
  • Select OK

Select Fields on Orders report.png

Select View to run the Report. You can choose to download the report by selecting the Type menu.

Orders Report with custom fields.png

You can also customize the fields shown in the Bookings tab in the system using the same steps as above.

Customize Bookings Tab.png


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