Advanced Check In / Check out: Feature Overview

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The New Check In / Check out feature offers the ultimate of flexibility and customization. It was designed so each business can build their own Check In and Check Out process based on their unique operation.

The Check In / Check Out feature is offered to ensure that when customers arrive to Check In all the required steps are covered with the customer prior to sending them out for their rental. As well as the Check Out (return) procedures are covered when the customer returns after their rental period has ended. 

Check In and Check out Sections

The feature offers many sections/forms. Each has its own action or shows important booking information. You can choose which sections for your Check In and Check Out procedures. Some sections are more appropriate to Check In (i.e Damage Authorization) while others are for Check Out (i.e. Gratuity). See the list below of each section.

Form Section Description
Customer Includes Customer Information (name, email, phone)
Rentals Includes Rental information booked including option to view/change Resources
Waivers Waivers from Smartwaiver. Confirm waivers have been signed during Check In.
Emergency Contact Emergency Contact for the Renter
Documents Documents required (i.e. DL, safety certificates)
Add-ons/Additional Charges All items added to Retail will be an option to add to the order
Pictures/Video Upload images of the rental for before/after photos
Damage Deposit Security Deposit Authorization at Check In
Payment Collect final balance and add-on charges during Check In and Check Out
Checklist Customized Departure/Return Checklist with option for initials and signatures
Agreements Customized Agreement to be reviewed and signed by the customer at Check In
Gratuity Option for customer to leave a tip during Check Out
Fleet Tracking Record usage of your resources during Check In or Out
Renter's Insurance For Buoy users, confirm the renter's insurance purchase at Check In


Check In / Check Out Options

The feature allows you to customize your process. You can:

  • Define the order of the sections
  • Create Multi-Step Check In and Check Out (e.g. Office Check In and Dock Check In)
  • Have different Check In / Check Out procedures per location
  • See a History of the Check In and Check Out tasks
  • Customize the Labels and Messaging in most sections

Getting Started with Check In / Check Out

Contact our support team to work together to build the check in and check out process that works for you. A team member will guide you in the setup and educate you on each step in the process.

The feature can be enabled in each account by going to Settings - Check In/Out - Advanced Check In/Check Out.

V2 CICO Settings.png

Check In / Check Out Examples

The links below offer common Check In and Check Out flows for various business types.

Rentals with single Check In and Check Out

Rental with Multi-Step Check In

Check In / Check Out for Florida Boat Rental Operators (compliance with SB606)

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