How to Track Bookings and Sales

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BookingCentral offers you several ways to track bookings. This is important information as gives you insight into how the booking was made and is useful for your marketing and hiring efforts.

All bookings that come through the platform are recorded with a Source. The Source refers to how the booking was made. Options include:

  • Office: The booking was made through the platform by a user/employee
  • Web: The booking was made through the online booking widget/link (website, email, quote, reseller)

To view this data from the system, use the Bookings or Reports tab. You can add the Source and Agent columns to the Bookings page or Orders report to track each booking.  To add the columns:

  • Select the settings (gear icon) on the page
  • Find the Source and Agent option from Available Fields
  • Use the + to move to Selected Fields

Bookings Tab with Source Agent.png


1. Tracking Users & Resellers: The system tracks the User/Agent that made the booking. This includes all users that have access to the system as well as Resellers that have been added to the system.

2. Tracking across websites with Resellers: If you have multiple websites that include the booking widget/links, you can use the Resellers feature to track which website the bookings came from. 

3. Tracking with Google Analytics: If you use Google Analytics, you can add the tracking code to BookingCentral to get data on conversions. Google Analytics will track and report on customer interactions from site visit to purchase (booking completed).

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