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BookingCentral offers the ability to integrate with Buoy.rent to give a boat rental business the option to offer renter's insurance to their customers. The integration with Buoy.rent is a result of two laws that passed in Florida this year: SB 606 (Boating Safety) and SB 418 (Insurance).

SB 418 states that liveries are required to offer insurance to their renter's at check in. Renters have the option to accept or decline insurance. This option will help boat rental companies to be in compliance with the law.

Buoy.Rent Setup and Integration

Step #1: Get your boats registered on Buoy.rent. You can create an account online or contact a representative to get set up. If you have a smaller fleet of boats, then you can do it all through the online portal. However, if you have a larger fleet of boats (10+), reach out to a representative to get started. Registering your boats determines the insurance amount to offer to your customers at check in.

Step #2: Add the boat's Registration Number to the Resources section of BookingCentral. The Registration Number of your boats is the one that is obtained when you register the boat with the your state. To add the registration number:

  • Go to Settings - Resources in BookingCentral
  • Add or select the Resource from the list
  • Enter the boat registration number in the Tag/Reg No. field
  • Save your changes
  • Follow the same steps above for additional boats.

Reg number and boat insurance in Resources.png

Step #3: Integrate Buoy.rent. Next, you'll integrate Buoy.rent to BookingCentral and map your resources.  This step will allow BookingCentral to get the information on the boat from Buoy.rent and offer the insurance to your renters during Pre-Check In and Check-In. To complete the integration and mapping, follow the steps below from your BookingCentral platform:

  • Go to Settings - Insurance
  • Select the Renter's Insurance tab
  • Select the Buoy button from the Provider menu
  • Select the Setup Resource Mappings button
  • Find the resource(s) on the list that you want to include, select Map
  • Select OK when finished with the mapping
  • Save the page

Buoy Mapping.png


See it in action!


Great! You have successfully integrated the Buoy.rent to BookingCentral.

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